SpiderWire Stealth Smooth 8

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Introducing Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 8x8 PE Braid – a super-soft and silky smooth x8 braided line that makes zero compromises when it comes to strength, sensitivity, or diameter. Tightly woven with 8 carriers of PE fibre, Stealth Smooth brings that unmistakable Spiderwire feel and performance to the arenas of saltwater showdowns – whether that’s hunting huge halibut in the Arctic depths of Norway or snagging speedy savages in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

The limp feel of the braid helps it to cast long distances with ease, while that x8 core offers incredibly strength that will allow you to tame any deep sea monster. The line is also coated with a thin layer of highly durable microcrystalline polymer, which helps keep the diameter thin and also ensures that knots are easy to tie and stay tightly cinched. The line runs in five bright colours in 10 metre sections, so you can easily track depth when slow jigging, vertical jigging, or fishing reefs.

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  • Ideal for deep, saltwater applications
  • Strong, sensitive, and supple
  • 8-carrier braid in a tight weave
  • Thin coating of durable microcrystalline polymer
  • Effortless knot tying and strength
  • Limp for effortless long-distance casting
  • Five different colours in 10-metre sections
  • Unmistakable Spiderwire quality
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