Planning for a hunt overseas? - Or traveling to your favorite fishing destination? Wherever they lurk, you’ll find a PENN® Conventional Reel doing the heavy lifting. Made for catching powerful fish in rough conditions, PENN® Conventional Reels are sturdy combinations of speed, power and toughness, made for deep saltwater applications when you are dropping heavy bait to the bottom.

The popularity of these renowned reels can be traced to their powerful drag system and precision-machined lightweight/high strength construction. Smooth start up and control plus corrosion resistance for longevity, PENN® Conventional Reels are constructed with the most challenging battles in mind, from feisty mackerel to trophy tuna. These Conventional Saltwater Reels perform due diligence for bottom fishing and trolling in the harshest conditions, day after day. You won’t find a more dependable versatile performer anywhere.


The world-renown Senator series truly represents the epitome of Conventional Saltwater Reels. These reels can pull anything off the bottom. We launched the Senator in 1936, and this star drag reel has only garnered more admiration. A true offshore workhorse, the Senator series has amassed more IGFA big game world records than any other reel in the industry.
The second generation of the Fathom® series is the true workhorse of our conventional reels, designed to handle extreme abuse day-in and out! The Fathom II stands up to the hardest fishing conditions whether you are bottom fishing or casting live bait. Its Full Metal Body and Fast Gear Access Sideplate ensures precise gear alignment while retaining easy access for maintenance.
Enjoy our full line of the best Conventional Reels on the market, including the Warfare™ versatility that’s easy on the wallet, and the International VIS series for its high-strength machined from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum.
It’s time to choose your weapon, so choose one that’s powerful and designed to last. Browse size, speed, and model specs for comparison to make it easy.