Repairs & Service

Professional Repairs

Let our trained staff of technicians, or your local authorized reel warranty center, inspect your reels, put them in perfect working condition, and make them look and work like new again.

Reel Service

Need your PENN reels repaired, greased or cleaned? Let our trained staff of professional technicians inspect your reels, put them in perfect working condition, and make them look and work like new again.

What We Need From You

  1. Your reel (Please make sure you properly package and insure your reel. We recommend you send your reels to PENN via UPS so that the shipment can be tracked and we can verify receipt of your goods.)
  2. Dated reel proof of purchase (For warranty consideration a dated proof of purchase must be included with returned product.)
  3. Completed Repair Form (Please DO NOT Send Cash)

Where to Send Your Reel

Ship your reel to the appropriate address below:

In the U.S.

  • Factory Service Department
    PENN Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co.
    3028 West Hunting Park Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19132
    (800) 892-5444
  • Or ship to any authorized U.S. Reel Warranty Center.

In Canada

  • Aikman’s Sporting Goods Repair
    3010 Novar Road
    Mississauga, ON L5B 1S4
    (905) 277-3595
  • Mike’s Reel Repair
    108 – 31060 Peardonville Road
    Abbotsford, BC V2T 6K5
    (604) 855-1119
  • Success Tackle
    1555 Shawnigan Mill Bay Road
    Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W0
    (250) 743-3782

    Reel Repair Pricing

    All prices below effective January, 2014. The following charges are used in calculating the total cost of your reel repair.

    1. Handling/Processing/Packaging/Diagnosis/Supplies Fixed fee = $10.00 per reel
    2. Flat Labor rate = Based on model as listed below.
    3. Parts = Per Consumer Price List
    4. Shipping = Per UPS rates

    Flat Labor Rate Pricing

    Model Cost
    Internationals: 20, 30, 50, 70, 80, 130 $50.00
    Internationals: 6,12,16 $40.00
    Torque Star Drag, Lever Drag, LD2 $40.00
    Senator Baja Special, US Senators, 117 $37.50
    International Baitcast $35.00
    Fathom Star Drag, LW, LD $35.00
    GLD Graph-lite, Squall, LD2 $35.00
    Squall Star Drag, LW, LLD $35.00
    Senator $27.50
    GT Levelwind Star Drag, LD $27.50
    GS & 525MAG $27.50
    Jigmaster, Squidder, Long Beach, Surfmaster, Seaboy, BeachMaster $27.50
    Peerless/Levelwind $27.50
    Warfare $27.5
    Rival $25.00
    Defiance $25.00
    Low Profile $25.00
    Torque Spinning, Torque Spinning II $45.00
    Slammer III $35.00
    Clash $30.00
    Conquer $30.00
    SSV $27.50
    704Z/706Z $27.50
    Conflict, Conflict II, Battle, Battle II, Passion $25.00
    Spinfisher SSG, SSM $25.00
    Sargus, Slammer $25.00
    Fierce, Fierce II, Pursuit, Pursuit II $20.00

    Parts & Service

    Reels are completely disassembled, degreased and cleaned, all parts are inspected, worn parts are replaced, reel is properly lubricated, reassembled and inspected for proper operation.


    Shipping charges are based on the weight of the shipment, value of the shipment, destination and number of reels in the shipment.


    You send PENN your Senator 113 for repairs. The reel is assessed a $10.00 fee for diagnosis, tracking, handling, and packaging for return. The flat labor rate to repair the reel is $27.50. Then, $15.00 in parts were used to repair the reel. And finally, the U.S. shipping charge of $8.00 was applied. Your total bill for the repair would be as follows:

    • $10.00 for Handling and Diagnosis
    • $27.50 for Repair Labor
    • $15.00 for Parts
    • $8.00 for Shipping.

    For a total cost of $60.50.

    Repair Bulletins

    Repair Bulletins update our Warranty and Repair network on parts changes that have taken place in PENN reels. Repair bulletins will be sent to all Warranty and Repair shops and are available below. We hope these bulletins provide you the information you need to better service customer repairs. Please contact us if there is any additional information needed or if any information in the bulletins requires clarification.

    RepairBulletin Number Main Issues Date of release View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #1 Senator Series Changes July '04 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #2 International V Series Drags (50VSW, 70VS and 70BGS) Oct.'04 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #4 Baja Special In-Line Change Mar. '05 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin#5 AF Trip Lever Assembly Nov. '06 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin#6 SSM Crosswind System Nov. '06 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #7 9500SS Drag Plate Conversion Kit June '07 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #8 International V Series Shift Button Disassembly Instructions Sept. '07 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #9 Torque 300LD Versa-Drag Feb. '08 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #10 550SSG Rotor and Bail Trip System-Enginering Improvement Oct. '09 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #11 155 and 209LC Gear and Pinion mixing Nov. '09 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #12 Spinfisher 420SSG and 430SSG Bail Spring Issue May '10 View Bulletin
    Repair Bulletin #13 Sargus and Pursuit Spinning Reel Drag Knob and Spool Shaft Improvement Apr. '10 View Bulletin

    Reels No Longer Serviced

    We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to service the following PENN reels and downriggers. We appreciate your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    Spinning reels:

    • Prion
    • AF/Affinity
    • Captiva/CV2
    • Spinfisher Greenie & Z-Series
    • GR-Series
    • PG Series
    • Silver Series
    • Silverado
    • SS Series

    Conventional reels:

    • GLS Lever Drag
    • Baitcast/Levelmatic (910/920/930/940)
    • GTO Level Wind
    • Mag Power 970/80/90
    • 800 Series of line counter reels
    • Mariner Series
    • 118 16/0 Senator reel


    • Electric/Manual Downriggers
    • Fly reels

    While we no longer service these reels, they are still eligible for our exchange program, which offers customers an upgrade to a new series of reel (refurbished or new) at a discounted price with a full one-year warranty. If your PENN reel is not on this list, please contact us for information about servicing/exchanging your reel.

    Rod Service

    PENN warrants to the original purchaser that its rods are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. PENN is not responsible for normal wear and tear, nor failures caused by accidents, abuse, alteration, modification, misuse or improper care. This applies to either rods purchased separately or as a combo unit.

    We do not offer repair or parts for rods. If your rod failed due to a manufacturing defect and is still under warranty, we will be happy to replace it with a new rod of the same or a comparable model. If your rod is within the original warranty period, we will need to inspect your rod to determine the nature of the defect. Please send the following items to These easy steps will help us take care of your warranty claim as efficiently as possible:

    • Photograph of rod clearly showing the model (found directly above the handle)
    • Photograph clearly showing the broken area(s) of the rod
    • Copy of the dated receipt or proof of purchase
    • A brief description of how your rod broke
    • Your address and a daytime contact number

    Rods under warranty will be replaced for a processing fee of $19.95 US. We will contact you directly to take payment, which can be made by phone via credit card. In the event your rod is no longer manufactured or is currently unavailable, we will also give you a call to discuss your replacement options. Rods that do not qualify for warranty replacement may also be submitted for a discounted replacement. Please contact us directly for details at (800) 892 – 5444 (Monday-Friday, 8 AM- 6 PM EST).